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Welcome to ZuZu Ramen, the perfect website for people who enjoy Asian food especially the hot and wonderful Japanese ramen!

A lot of people are attracted to Asian cuisine and are looking for trustworthy sites where they can great tasting food online. It is often a struggle to find what you’re looking for especially when you’re determined to only look for the premium ones. We tend to try and discover a lot of places that sell food perfect for our standards. We also go around other places and visit various restaurants to find something that satisfy us.

So, just relax at your home while you get your chores done like finally calling up your local Las Vegas garage door service and order great Asian food and delicious ramen with just a click of a finger.

Here at Zuzu Ramen, we make sure to provide you the best ramen you are looking for. We’ve got all different types of ramen, with different soups and noodles in alternative flavors.

If you enjoy our food and want to visit our physical restaurants, we have chains in several countries and places. We have a lot of branches and it won’t be a struggle to visit them! Just click on the locations section to see the branch nearest you.

Why choose Zuzu Ramen?
It is simply because our creations are unique, delicious and simply incomparable!

You have the freedom to request any additions to your ramen for that delicious twist or specific ingredients that will surely satisfy your tastes. We do everything to make sure that our ramen satisfies you. Plus, we only use the freshest ingredients and highest quality products for your orders.

How about our deliveries?
We’ve got tons of branches from all over the world and it won’t be a trouble for us to deliver. We never fail to give our customers the best delivery, if ever there is a problem, we’ll give it free or even send you another one. But to be honest, we take pride in always serving our best Asian food and ramen.

Zuzu Ramen makes sure we do not let down our dear customers. We have great manpower to fulfill all our duties and give satisfaction to all our clients.

How to use the website of Zuzu Ramen? Just click on the menu section to pick your order from the various kinds of ramen that we have. If you have any requests or suggestions for your food, just simply send us your order along with your request. It won’t be hard since this site is made to make the process so much easy for you.

Don’t worry because we may have a lot of various ramen, but it is always affordable. We make sure the price isn’t extravagant.

We’ve got great services and a unique way of gratifying our customers so why not indulge more and have a nice ramen? Sharing and eating with your friends will surely be fun.

Enjoy and have fun with your favorite ramen! Come visit our place or just simply check our online menu now to start ordering.

Savoring a Bowl of Asian Ramen

Have you ever remembered when was the last time you slurped a big bowl of broth in an Asian Ramen Restaurant? 

These past few years Asian food became trendy and dominating in the food industry. One of the most sought-after is ramen noodles. While there are those instant counterparts for this dish, it doesn’t come anywhere the taste of the real one. Plus, we highly discourage this because of the unhealthy substance consisted in its packets of seasonings. The chemicals innate in this processed food can make your body weaken and may cause diseases in the long run. Although instant ramen is good in instantly satisfying your stomachs; are cheap, fast and easy to prepare a meal, this poses risks to your health from continuous consumption. So, better just settle on the freshly cooked ramen in real Asian restaurants or just simply create your own. There’s a lot of food blogs that share ramen recipes, so just follow the instruction well to create your own ramen. 

Ramen is a staple food for individuals not only from Japan or Korea but also other Asian countries. It may gain a twist or two on the ingredients, or be added with different types of spices, but it still serves as a favorite among many. As such, it is not anymore surprising that many capitalized on this demand. Many restaurants had been established in many parts of the United States that specialize in this particular food. But one restaurant that caught the attention of many people, foodies or not, is the Zuzu Ramen.  

When you enter this particular Japanese Restaurant, it would instantly give you a Japan feel.  The outstanding service and good food just ads to the charm. It’s no wonder why this restaurant is very famous. Honestly, by just being in the business for several months made it evident that they need to expand. The place is big enough to accommodate many at ones but because of the growing numbers of customers every day, there is simply a call for more space. Every Asian dishes they serve here has a great taste, although it was the ramen which I love the most and kept me coming back to this place often especially when the weather is cold. This Asian restaurant will serve you fast likehome buyers. 

Freshly cooked ramen is made up of freshly craft noodles and broth topped with fresh vegetables, nori or crispy seaweeds, hard boiled egg and meat. Ramen is aromatic that you can’t even resist tasting the broth that is made from either chicken, pork, beef or seafood. The exquisite combination of the ingredients is definitely what caused everyone to get hooked. A big bowl of ramen is perfect for people who have colds. It is also particularly a favorite during the winter and rainy seasons.  

Whether you are a foodie or a traveler, you may want to find time to visit Zuzu Ramen for their differently flavored ramens. We guarantee you that you will take pleasure in everything they serve here. Their service is also great which would give you a maximum customer satisfaction. Plus, they are the top restaurant in serving a grail of ramen all over the U.S. 

How to Cook a Delicious Ramen

Many people find Asian cuisine quite interesting. In fact, ramen is quite popular nowadays as people from different parts of the world find its flavorful broth quite amazing.

Here at Zuzu Ramen, we encourage you to try out our delicious ramen bowls to know the authentic taste of ramen. However, if you want to be the one to cook it yourself, we are very happy to share our secrets. After all, sometimes a bowl of ramen is more exquisite when when it is homemade. So, we urge you to try cooking it at home by yourself or with family or friends.

Japanese cooks and ramen masters spent years to master this creation, but no one said that anyone can’t try and make it. Since Japanese cuisine is already known worldwide, and many people desire to eat ramen, here are easy tips for you to make that delicious ramen you’ve been craving.

You can start by making the broth.

First is to put 2 to 3 pounds of chicken bones or you can also put chicken wings if you want into a pot with 1 carrot, 1 celery stalk, 2 onions, 2 cloves of garlic, and 3 to 4 quarts of water. When it boils, graze all the froth, cover the pot and let it simmer for 3 hours. Taste it to see if it’s already flavorful for you.

Now, the soup is not enough, is it? To upgrade the taste, you may put some seasonings for a more flavorful broth. Put some salt and soy sauce since both are good sources of flavor. You might also add other ingredients like miso, garlic mashed with salt and taste it to balance the taste.

Create the noodles you want, it may vary in different widths, lengths and shape but it all comes down to your own preference. Cook the noodles in a pot, boiling unsalted water usually two minutes or less. Drain them and add it to your bowl when you’re finally ready to eat.

The last thing you should do is to add sesame oil, eggs, and other toppings. Then eat it while it’s still hot as that’s how it’s best enjoyed.

Now, that isn’t as hard as you thought, right? But of course, if you want to experience authentic flavors, just put Zuzu Ramen on your speed dial.